Boost your clubs’ facilities with Gilbert Rugby Training Equipment

Here at Just Rugby we have a great range of rugby training equipment in the form of body armour, rugby wedges, rugby kicking tees, fitness ladders and hurdles, rugby post protectors and poles.
They all come from the stable of the world renowned Gilbert Rugby.

The Gilbert Contact Top can be worn over shirts or training garments and provides all-round upper body protection without restricting movement, and is reversible for structured rugby training sessions.
The Gilbert Contact Suit is ideal for tackling practice, as it provides total body protection. It is reversible and is constructed from durable polyester.

Gilbert Rugby Wedges come in either Senior or Junior sizes along with a Body Wedge, all of which are made of water-resistant fabric with interior foam, which is constructed to the highest standard.
Speed ladders and hurdles are very popular items on training grounds everywhere. The speed ladders come in two lengths – 8 metre and 4 metre – and can be used with studs on those hard winter nights. The Hurdles come in three heights: 12 inches, 9 inches and 6 inches.

Gilbert Tackle Bags are available in three sizes – senior, intermediate and junior – and these superb multi-purpose bags are made from the same water-resistant fabric that is used on the Wedges.
They have a high gloss finish which ensures that they stay mud-free and the specially-woven material enhances both durability and strength.

Gilbert Post Protectors come in many forms and the full range can be seen here.

You can have your Post Protectors bespoke to your club colours or add a sponsor’s name or any print design you want. Please get in touch with us here at and we will customise your club requirements. Corner Pole Protectors and Moon Flags also available.
Gilbert Kicking Tees are now a vital part of the game and the brand offers four models. The Pro 320 has soft feel supports while the choice of many international players is the 450 Precision Tee. There is also an adjustable tee and the Quarter Kicker tee.

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