Published on: 18th February 2016

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Just Rugby UK offers a comprehensive range of Gilbert rugby balls online – from match rugby balls to training rugby balls.

The Gilbert Match-XV Rugby Ball is the most advanced rugby ball in the market and is used in professional rugby matches around the globe, including the Six Nations, the Aviva Premiership and the European Champions Cup.

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The Match-XV features a Copolymer Air-loc bladder and has a superb multi-matrix 3D grip. This rugby ball is pre-kicked, whatever that means … Rest assured it will come in a “New” condition!

The Gilbert Revolution X Rugby Ball is an excellent match rugby ball for ambitious clubs, which features a Truflight valve and a G-X rubber compound surface. This ball is also pre kicked.

The Gilbert Barbarian Match Ball has been a Just Rugby best-seller for years and is suited for clubs and schools alike. It has the same features as the Revolution X but has a G-SR rubber compound surface.

All the aforementioned Gilbert rugby balls are only available in size 5.

The Gilbert Photon Rugby Balls and Gilbert Omega Rugby Match Balls have a G-S rubber compound surface. The Photon is available in sizes 5 and 4, while the Omega comes in all three sizes 5, 4 and 3.

All of the above rugby balls for sale are IRB approved and hand stitched. The full range of these match balls can be seen here.

Moving on to rugby balls for training, Gilbert’s highly popular Zenon Trainer is available in all three sizes and features a standard grip, a hydrate finish and is made of three-ply poly cotton and cotton laminate. It also boasts a durable rubber surface and is hand-stitched.

If you are looking for a more specialist rugby training ball then the Gilbert Morgan Pass Developer Rugby Ball is an overweight ball designed to develop wrist strength and passing distance, and is available in sizes 5 and 4, while the Reflex Trainer is a training aid that improves balance and passing on the run. The full range of Gilbert rugby training balls can be seen here.

Finally, Gilbert also offer a range of specialist rugby balls which cater for specific markets.
The Gilbert Synergy Synergie X3 Rugby Ball is for use in Sevens rugby matches, while the Gilbert Zenon X3 Rugby Ball is a training ball for Sevens. Both of these rugby balls are available in a size 5 only.

Specially designed for use in women’s rugby are the Gilbert Vision Women’s Rugby Ball and the Gilbert VT400 Al-Weather Women’s Training Ball. They are available in size 4.5.

Gilbert Touch Rugby Balls are another growing area, with two options available – the Gilbert Touch Pro Match Rugby ball and the Gilbert Touch ball.

View all Gilbert rugby balls online today.

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